AAA Vacuums is Canada’s Top Choice for Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

There are few brands in any market, anywhere, which are more closely associated with words like “innovation” and “revolution” like Dyson.  In only twenty-five years, Dyson has re-invented the vacuum cleaner over and over, creating a product line which is absolutely unique among cleaning products. They’ve come to be valued by millions of homeowners and businesses alike for their incredible efficiency, their cleaning power, and their overall ease of use.

The Dyson Vacuum Difference

Dysons combine multiple innovations, including ball-based heads, cyclonic airflow systems, superior lightweight battery technologies, and bag less collection systems to create vacuums which are simply unparalleled on the market.  

AAA Vacuum is proud to bring amazing Dyson vacuum cleaners to Canada and the rest of North America.  Our lineup features:

  • Full-sized upright vacuums

  • Canister vacuums

  • Lightweight and space-saving Absolute Stick vacuums

  • The extraordinarily powerful “Animal” vacuum line

  • The DC34 handheld unit

  • And more!

We also stock Dyson’s equally-revolutionary fan less heating and cooling systems, offering safe and efficient portable air conditioning for any room in the house.  

From commercial applications to superior home cleaning, for many there is simply no other name in vacuums besides Dyson.

Shop AAA Vacuum for Dyson and More

AAA Vacuum has nearly four decades’ experience bringing the best in vacuum cleaners to Canada and North America, and as always, every product is backed by our own lowest-price guarantee. Our huge instore and online selection in unappalled, and we always offer great deals and specials.

Contact AAA Vacuum for more information.

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