AAA Vacuum is Canada’s Top Source for Duovac Vacuum Products

Duovac is one of the top names in home central vacuum products, and for good reason! All of their products are packed full of innovative technologies and features that give Duovac vacuums extremely long lifespans, while making household cleaning easier every day.  

Even better, Duovac systems are extremely easy to service, and owners can generally replace virtually any part in one with little difficulty.  They also offer an extensive range of products, parts, and accessories to ensure that a Duovac is ready for any cleaning challenge you might face.

AAA Vacuum proudly carries one of the most complete lines of Duovac vacuum products in Canada, including:

  • Full central vacuum systems

  • Replacement motors

  • Power units

  • Mountings, wiring, and wall fixtures

  • Ergonomic wands

  • Plug-in hoses in high- or low-voltage models

  • Air filters

  • Crevice tools

  • Carpet brushes

  • Hide-a-Hose Kits

  • Hose hangers and tool caddies

  • And more!

We also stock many attachment sets and kits, designed for specific purposes, which can save plenty of money when compared to buying the accessories separately.

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When you buy from AAA Vacuum, you are getting Canada’s best in vacuum products, backed by our own lowest price guarantees. We’re dedicated to seeing both residential and commercial customers outfitted with the perfect cleaning products to meet their needs, backed by 37 years’ experience in the industry. Shop our extensive online selection and special offers now and enjoy free shipping within Canada on orders of over $99.00.

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