Upright Vacuums

At AAA Vacuum, we believe in providing name brand cleaning equipment at affordable prices, and this includes our residential upright vacuums in Canada. Our Lowest Price Guarantee ensures that we can provide high-quality equipment at prices you can afford.

Our 3,500 square foot showroom, located within Toronto, houses thousands of accessories and cleaning supplies. There are many residential upright vacuums from the brands you’ve come to trust, such as:

  • Miele

  • Sebo

  • Electrolux

  • Eureka

  • Hoover

  • Oreck

  • Panasonic

  • Sanitaire

  • Dyson

Over the years, residential upright vacuums in Canada have evolved to meet the increasing demands from homeowners. Now, they are lightweight for easier use, have a wide variety of attachments and accessories to meet nearly any cleaning need, and provide powerful suction for maximum cleaning.

These innovations and additions addressed many of the disadvantages uprights used to have, allowing them to preform several cleaning tasks, including:

  • Stairs

  • Corners

  • Drapes

  • Multiple floor surfaces

  • Upholstery and furniture

  • Under and around furniture

  • Removing cobwebs

  • And much more!

To learn more about our residential upright vacuums in Canada, please browse our website or contact the expert staff at AAA Vacuum today!

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