The Best in Karcher Floor Scrubbers and Vacuums at AAA Vacuum

There is perhaps no higher sign a product has demonstrated decades of top-quality products when their name has truly become synonymous with the product they make.  In many parts of the world, “Karcher” means high-pressure water cleaners and top-quality vacuums.

Karcher produces some of the best commercial-grade cleaning systems available anywhere, as well as residential products built to commercial standards.  Karcher floor scrubbers and vacuums are designed to withstand years of usage in even the toughest of environments, and in commercial applications where perfection in cleaning is a necessity.

Find Everything Karcher at AAA Vacuum

AAA Vacuums proudly carries the best in Karcher floor scrubbers, vacuums, and other cleaning systems.  Our extensive lineup includes:

  • Backpack vacuums

  • Upright vacuums

  • Wet/Dry vacuums

  • Auto scrubbers

  • Carpet extractors

  • Sweeper vacs

  • Steam-cleaners

  • Canister vacuums

For the largest jobs, we even carry Karcher’s top-line riding scrubbers capable of handling tens of thousands of square feet on a single water tank and battery charge.

Top Brands in Floor Scrubber and Vacuums

Whether you need to invest in serious commercial-grade cleaning equipment suitable for working kitchens, industrial manufacturing, chemicals handling, and other intensive operations, or a vacuum which could serve your household for decades, Karcher is the name to choose.

When you buy from AAA Vacuums, you’re buying from one of Canada’s most experienced vacuum outlets, and getting our lowest-price guarantee. Shop our huge inventory in-store or online for the best specials and selection today.

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