Vacuum Information

What is the best vacuum cleaner?

The best vacuum would depend on the style of vacuum for your cleaning needs. First examining the home you’re cleaning, then you can proceed to the best vacuum which would be in that particular category. In a Canister Vacuum we recommend SEBO and MIELE. In Upright Vacuums we recommend SEBO and Panasonic. In Central Vacuums we recommend DuoVac, Eureka and Nilfisk. All recommendations are based on the dependability of the products we service.

What’s the best Central Vacuum?

In consideration of customer feedback we find DuoVac Central Vacuums to be the best value for the price.

What’s the best Canister Vacuum?

For quick pick-ups we recommend Samsung portable canisters. For bare floors and area rug cleaning or entire homes we recommend either SEBO or Miele straight air canisters. For full sized Canisters with Power Nozzles for whole home cleaning with wall to wall carpeting and smooth floors we recommend SEBO and Miele.

What’s the best Upright Vacuum?

If you have a majority carpet cleaning requirement with some bare flooring, we would recommend the SEBO Uprights due to their automatic height adjustment between carpet and smooth floors. If it’s all carpeting Panasonic is our recommendation for their durability and Tri Force motors. In lightweight uprights we recommend the Eureka EZ Kleen and Hoover LINX series. Both machines are under 7 pounds and clean better than many machines twice their weight.

How often should I change my Vacuum’s filter?

Vacuum filters should be changed as suggested by the manufacturer. This can range from every six months to over a year. When in doubt, change the vacuum cleaner filter every eight months.

What is a good hand vacuum?

A good hand vacuum we recommend is the Electrolux Rapido and Hoover Linx. As a cordless design, the cleaning ability in hard to reach areas and in the car or mini van, they are the perfect partner for the cleaning enthusist.

How good are central vacuum systems?

Central Vacuums are one of the most powerful ways to clean. As long as the size of motor is adequate for the size of home you will attain more suction than most portable vacuums. Since the canister sits on the wall, in the garage or basement, they don’t take any physical abuse therefore last longer and hold more dirt. A popular fixture to any new or old home adding great resale value in todays realestate market.

How long should a vacuum cleaner last?

A few things need to be considered to determine life of a vacuum. Price point, origin of manufacture and proper maintenance will all affect life expectancies. The less expensive vacuums tend to last less than two years while the more expensive German made vacuums can last up to twenty years.
General maintenance like bag, filter and belt changes are likely the largest determination of how long machines will last.
Feel free to ask us the life expectancy of any vacuum and we can tell you how long it should last considering the above factors along with hours of use per week, pet hair, type of carpeting it’s used on, as well as many other in home conditions.

Is 12 amps good suction?

A 12 amp rating on a vacuum cleaner simply states the average amperage rating used by the electrical components of the unit. Amperage has nothing to do with suction therefore we advise to use suction watts as a means of indicating the cleaning performance of different vacuums.

How good are Dyson vacuums?

Well, simply put, in our experience, the worlds BEST vacuums have bags. And the worlds best vacuums, really dont need to spend Millions and Milions on Marketing and Advertising to sell their quality. Plus, when did England and China unite? Unfortunately, we missed that headline in the tabloids.

What is the best vacuum for pets/pet hair?

There are several considerations for the best vacuum for pet/pet hair. We would strongly recommend the SEBO Airbelt D4 or the Miele S6 Continuum or the Electrolux UltraOne.

What is a good light weight vacuum?

Uprights are generally easier to use because they are pushed in front instead of pulling them. A popular easy to use vacuum is the Oreck. They don’t come with bulky attachments and they balance well so the majority of the weight is on the floor instead of in your hand. This makes them very easy to push around. Stay clear of electric broom type vacuums for cleaning a whole home, these are designed for quick cleanups only.