With hundreds of different vacuums in Canada, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Here at AAA Vacuum, we pride ourselves on stocking name brand vacuums at affordable prices. Our outstanding customer service doesn’t stop there; our team of experts can help you figure out what type of vacuum you need.

Types of Vacuums

Now-a-days, vacuums in Canada can do a lot more than simply removing dust and debris from carpets. Depending on the vacuum, new attachments and built-in features help complete multiple cleaning tasks around the home or office.

There are several main kinds of vacuums, which include:

  • Canister – the main vacuum (often bag less) sits low to the ground, while a long hose gets those hard to reach areas.

  • Upright – a manually or self propelled vacuum, with vertically constructed components for compact storage and quick operation.

  • Central – the main vacuum is hardwired into the building, allowing for quick and efficient use.

  • Backpack – worn on the user’s back, the extended hose and attachments allows for shorter cleaning times and greater mobility.

For more information about which types of vacuums in Canada are right for you, please contact AAA Vacuum today!

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