With models for all sizes of buildings, from apartments to full-sized office complexes, AAA Vacuum has a wide range of steamers for sale which are ready for any carpet-cleaning challenge.

The Benefits of Steamers

Steam-cleaning is one of the top options for carpet cleaning across Canada and the rest of North America, thanks to how easy it is, and how effective it can be in both cleaning and disinfecting.  Few forms of bacteria, mold, or mildew can survive a blast of scalding steam, while the water effectively traps and then whisks away all manner of dirt and grime.

Plus, despite using water, steamers are virtually “dry.”  The steam used is so fine that it evaporates almost immediately after use, meaning there aren’t any prolonged periods where the carpet is damp. This makes it an excellent option for businesses which see high levels of traffic, and can’t afford to rope off areas while waiting for them to dry out.

AAA Vacuum carries many major brands of steamers for sale, such as:

  • Karcher

  • Oreck

  • Reliable

  • Nacecare

  • And more!

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AAA Vacuum has served Toronto and the greater Ontario area since 1975, providing only the best in home and office cleaning products at their 3,500 square foot showroom.  Check out our specials for the latest deals, or just contact one of our experts for a free consultation on the best cleaning appliances for your needs.

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