– The Vacpan central vacuum sweep inlet revolutionized the central cleaning industry when it was developed and quickly became the most popular installation accessories for homeowners. Use your favorite broom to sweep debris from high traffic areas like the kitchen or mudroom then kick the Vacpan switch and dirt & dust will be carried away to the vacuum. Fast to operate, simple to connect and reliable to own. The Vacpan was originally called “the automatic dust pan” because it easily did away with the dirty and time consuming task of using a dust pan to collect the debris for disposal into the garbage can. A sweep inlet is often mounted in the base of cabinet or can be mounted into a regular stud wall. Connected with tubing to the main central vacuum the Vacpan activates the suction and opens an airflow valve by user operated toe switch. The Vacpan requires just a couple seconds to suction away debris and dust that is swept into the inlet. – Push the switch closed again and the vacuum system is turned off and the inlet valve is sealed. The Vacpan can be installed in new systems or added to existing central vacuum systems. – The Vacpan is available in four colors: Almond, Black, White & Silver. Three options are available for each as described below: an installation quick-trim plate, a stainless steel finish plate and a flexible hose installation kit. – The Vacpan became available for DIY’ers and homeowners to install and retrofit into existing systems in the very early 90’s. It is now the most popular install accessories in all residential cleaning systems worldwide. The sweep inlet is nearing two decades of installations and is thought to be part of 9 in 10 of new domestic central vacuum installations. Thanks to it’s prolificy the Vacpan has become refined and also lower in cost than the first models. Vacpan installation has also been streamlined and the availability of the new Vacpan rough-in and Vacpan Quick-Trim installation trim plate has allowed a sweep inlet to be added in many homes where the central vacuum had already been installed.

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