Tynex Brush – Strip Brush 80 Grit – 18″



80-grit is the most popular aggressive brush for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces and wide grout. Tynex brush for rough or smooth surfaces. There are five grades available. There is a lot of advantage to clean with these high quality brushes. For one thing they will last a long time. It is estimated that it will outlast 100 floor pads. In which case, your investment is only the third what you would have spent on floor pads. The bristles are made of abrasive high quality nylon and impregnated with carbide or aluminum oxide. To give you a better idea about the hardness of this material, they are also used on sandpaper and cutting tools.

For instance, all concrete drills have a carbide-cutting tip on it. The cutting grit range in these Tynex brushes are from #46 to #500. The #46 being the most aggressive and the #500 is the least aggressive. You may able to choose fine grit size to clean delicate vinyl tile, linoleum, plastic and then switch to medium grit to clean ceramic tile or go for the more aggressive grit and use it on concrete floor or metal parts such as removing rust. When you choose it well, it won’t damage the material regardless how delicate it is. In addition to its flexibility, resilience and chemical resistance they are very durable and last a long time. The abrasive grit is dispersed throughout the cross section of the Tynex brush bristle. Therefore, these bristles are aggressive on all sides as well as on the tips. There is more advantage to these brushes:

  • They clean irregular surfaces.
  • Cleans without gouging the surface
  • The don’t load-up or plugs and always stays fresh for cleaning.

Whether you need a “feather touch” effect for polishing or an aggressive “bite” you can count on these Tynex brushes. It is self-sufficient and will replenish, recharge as the brush wears off.

Additional information

Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 48 cm


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