Centaur SL-3 Commercial Dry Vacuum + TOOL KIT



12 litre (3 gal) capacity vacuum cleaner with long life expectancy because we are still using metal for most parts such as the motor housing, casters, intake nozzle and latches. The result is, machines made in 1970 are still in use. It is portable, equipped with three (3) separate filters. Paper Bag to package the dirt. Just discard it when full Cloth filter if you don’t want to spend money on paper filter Micro Corrugated final filter which filters the air to 5micron size The out going air is filtered to 95% by this micro filter. The double ball bearing which means that you will be able to roll the machine for 30 years. Built in plug outlet for a power brush.

  • 12 liter (3 gal) capacity

  • Mostly metal parts (motor housing, caters, intake nozzle, latches)

  • Portable

  • 3 separate filters

  • Uses paper bags or cloth filter

  • Micro Corrugated (filters to 5 micron size)

  • Outgoing air filtered to 95%

  • Double ball bearing

  • Built in plug outlet for a power brush

The Centaur SL-3 comes standard with tool-kit 1B49973, as shown in Gallary

Additional information

Weight 12.15 kg
Dimensions 63.5 × 60.96 × 87.63 cm


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