SANITAIRE Commercial Upright Vacuum



Shake Out Bag Uprights: superior cleaning bagless option If you have a lot carpet to clean, then you need a machine with a lot of dirt capacity. The Sanitaire shake out bags can handle a huge 18 quart volume and these cleaners have proven their cleaning ability for many years. This unit’s shake out bag system and easy maintenance features makes cleaning a breeze. With a quick change cord and Quick Kleen™ fan chamber, it’s an upright built for continuous use with little downtime.

Additional information

Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions 44.45 × 20.95 × 57.15 cm


Power: 7 amp
Filtration: Standard
Container: Shake Out Bag
Dust Capacity: 18 dry qt.
Cleaning Path: 12 in
Cord Length: 50 ft
Airflow: 145 cfm
Noise Level: 79 dBA
Warranty: 2 Year


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