Nacecare PPR-240 Canister Vacuum – Henry



Advancing Vacuum Technology

The new design of the PPR series has lead to significant advances in energy consumption as well as overall vacuum performance. They consume 40% less energy than previous models while improving performance by 20%. This is all thanks to the new 680 watt vacuum motor with a 2000+ hour life. The noise level on the PPR series has also changed to 45/47 dB(A) which makes these units excellent for daytime cleaning.

Standard Features:

  • CRI approved and LEED-EB compliant

  • 5 year motor warranty

  • Motor provides 100″ waterlift and 120 CFM of airflow

  • 84% soil recovery

  • Motor life is in excess of 2000 hours

  • Excellent 0.3 micron filtration at 99.97 % efficiency for improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Tapered hose is convenient and provides improved performance

  • Ergonomic ratchet wand that adds up to 6″ in length

  • Our new floor tool program improves performance, productivity and ease of use

  • Manual crank rewind for power cord storage and protection

  • Polypropylene tanks for maximum durability and mobility

The four accessory kits available with the PPR 200 are as follows:

AST-1 performance kit:

AST-2 grooming:

AST-3 air turbo kit (50$ extra):

AST-4 productivity kit:

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 40.64 × 58.42 × 40.64 cm


Vacuum Tank Capacity: 2.5 Gallon
Vacuum Motor Watts: 680W
Vacuum Motor HP: 0.9 hp
Vacuum Motor Stages: 1 Stage
Number of Motors: 1
Speeds: 2 Speed
Airflow (cfm): 120 CFM
Waterlift: 100"
Noise Level dB(A): 45/47 DB(A)
Head Construction: POLYPROPYLENE
Hose Length: 8.5'
Power Cord Length: 33'
Standard Filtration: .3 MICRON @ 99.97% EFF.
Tank Construction: POLYETHYLENE
Weight: 15 LBS


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