Nilfisk/ Advance VL500 Wet/Dry Vacuum 75 Liter



Versatile performance and superior filtration deliver a cost-efficient cleaning solution

 The new line of Advance VL500 wet / dry vacuums is designed to accommodate virtually and cleaning requirement. Available in three models – 9-, 14-, and 19-gallon tank configurations – the VL500 wet / dry vacuum applications range from small office environments to large education and healthcare facilities. Designed with a superior filtration system, easy-to-use features and multiple accessories, operators are guaranteed to find a wet / dry vacuum to fit their cleaning program.

Flexible operation :

 With three unique models to select from, the VL500 series delivers unprecedented cleaning flexibility. Equipped with a front-mount squeegee and 19-gallon tank, the VL500-75 is ideal for picking up wet matter when stripping with floor stripper and a floor machine. Plus, an exclusive  ERGO “tip ‘n pour” design makes wet pick-up and emptying easy. For emergency spills and floods, the VL500-55 delivers the power and functionality when you need it. Featuring a hose, wand, squeegee floor tool, brush floor tool, and optional front-mount squeegee, you can quickly clean up any unwanted messes. When dirt or dust is the primary issue, the VL500-35 offers quality filtration and dust capture, in addition to crevice and dusting tools. Operators can also employ the VL500-35 for wet applications.

Superior filtration

 Featuring a unique filter system the VL500 series offers one solution for both wet and dry filtration. Designed with three durable comp[onents, the filter  completely seals the entry to the motor, protecting the motor from dust, debris, water, or other liquids. Once the job is complete, the filter can easily be lifted out of the vacuum for a simple rinse, then replaced and ready for the next job in a matter of minutes.

Easy operation

 The VL500 wet/dry vacuums offer simple and reliable operation. The 14- and 19- gallon configurations feature a balance wide stance for superior manouevrability, while the lightweight design of the 9-gallon model ensures easy transportation. For enhance performance, the VL500 series offers a variety of standard and optional accessories, ranging from hoses and wands to squeegees and dusting tools.

Accessories and options:

  • Squeegee complete (standard on VL500-75, optional on VL500-55, not available on VL500-35.)

  • Floor nozzle rubber strip

  • Floor nozzle brush

  • Crevice tool

  • Extension tube / wand holder

  • Hose

  • Cartridge filter

  • Wet filter

  • Tubeholder

Typical applications :

  • Schools and universities

  • Hospitals / healthcare facilities

  • Grocery stores

  • Retail outlets

  • Arenas and stadiums

  • Automobile dealerships


With superior flexibility, high power and cost-efficient performance, the VL500 series exceeds the cleaning expectations of the wet/dry vacuum market.

Additional information

Weight 28.8 kg
Dimensions 73.66 × 68.58 × 111.76 cm



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