Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless Obsidian Black with Rose gold Accent (Ship To Canada Only)



Miele Boost CX1 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Meet the Miele Boost CX1, the newest, most compact, lightweight Bagless model by Miele. This is the Cat and Dog Model, which is suitable for homes with bare floors, low to medium pile carpets and Area Rugs, and low to moderate amounts of pet hair. The Boost CX1 Cat and Dog gets an Air Driven carpet tool called the STB305-3 Turbo Brush. This tool has a brush roll that spins by the suction that is created by the machine. The STB305-3 is not a motorized or electric powerhead. Hence we would like to keep the application limited to medium pile carpets and a moderate amount of pet hair. For large amounts of pet hair on thick, plush carpets, you may consider other models equipped with an electric powerhead.
Furthermore, you can use the included “Combination Floor Tool” (SBD365-3) on bare floors as well as low pile rugs and carpets with a switch of a button which is great for changing surfaces without interruption. This is an excellent feature for people who prefer to use the same floor head on multiple surfaces without having to stop and change floor heads.

Thoughtful Design

First things first, a vacuum cleaner should not look that good. Of course, looks are subjective, but we cannot argue that the Boost CX1 is probably the most beautiful vacuum ever designed. Not sure. Can you call a vacuum sexy? And that is not just our opinion; it won the 2021 Red Dot Design award. But it’s not all about looks. Not only will you love its stunning shape, but you will also appreciate all the thought that has gone into its design.

  • The Boost CX1 is compact; it measures 16″ long by 10″ wide by 11″ tall. It does very well in almost any space, from small rooms and cramped spaces to large areas from apartments, bungalows, and large multi-floor homes with lots of stairs.
  • At 12.9 lbs, it is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • It has an ergonomic handle which makes it easy to lift, and when you lift it, feels very well balanced and doesn’t tilt one way or another.
  • It has a low center of gravity, making it very stable on the floor and preventing it from toppling over.

That is not all; the Miele Boost is an excellent vacuum in all design and quality aspects, including maneuverability, suction, performance, filtration, ease of use and maintenance. So let’s dig a bit deeper and look at each category more closely.


Do you know how some vacuums can be hard to push, awkward to use and difficult to maneuver? Well, Not the Boost. That is thanks to what Miele refers to as “Track Drive.” Track Drive is what gives the Miele Boost it’s sports-car-like handling. It is a combination of two large wheels on the side of the unit and two casters at the bottom of the vacuum. This design allows the Boost to follow the user in a straight line but be precise to maneuver yet nimble and able to turn on the spot.

Corners and Furniture:

The wand and floor head lay flat on the floor, allowing you to reach under furniture easily. In addition, the Edge to edge cleaning feature on the floor head is perfect for vacuuming corners and along the baseboards.


Another feature of the Miele Boost is how it handles stairs. Thanks to its compact design, and the “Track Drive” system limiting the lateral movement, the machine can sit very easily and safely on steps. This means that you do not have to hold the vacuum in your hand while vacuuming stairs and that the vacuum will not fall off the stairs.

Suction and Performance

Does your current vacuum leave a lot of dirt behind and a lot to be desired? The Miele Boost comes with a very powerful 1140 Watt motor. You will not believe how much dirt your old vacuum left behind. But all this power needs to be controlled. You have many diverse types of surfaces in your home. For example, you may want to use the vacuum to remove dust from your curtains, computer keyboards or windowsills but also need to deep clean your floors. That is why the Boost comes with a suction control knob. You can choose from one of the four predetermined settings. Still, you may also select the suction anywhere between the predetermined settings, which means you have infinite control over the suction.

Cord Length

The Miele Boost comes with a 21-foot cord which provides 33 feet of operating radius from the plug down to the floor. But, of course, that means you don’t have to look for and change the plug constantly, and you don’t need Extension cords.


Assembling the Miele boost is super easy. You can follow the manual, but it is very straightforward. All the parts click and lock into place, which means all the connections are secure, and pieces do not fall off while vacuuming.


Do you tend to sneeze when vacuuming? One of the most critical features of any Miele vacuum is the attention to filtration in vacuum designs. For example, the Miele CX1 Boost has three stages of filtration.
1. The main dust container with mono-cyclone Vortex Technology. Due to mono-cyclone technology, airflow velocity inside the Vortex exceeds 100 km/h. This creates centrifugal force, which separates coarse material from fine dust. As a result, large particles are deposited in the main dustbin. At the same time, finer dust is held back by the next filtration stage, the fine dust filter.
2. A washable fine dust filter: The Boost CX1 features excellent dust separation. Once large particles have been captured in the dustbin, the air then passes downstream through the fine dust filter.
3. Last but not least, a replaceable HEPA Class 13 exhaust filter capable of filtering ≥ 99.95% of microscopically minute particles such as allergens. This HEPA filter is meant to be changed once every 12 months.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintenance and disposing of the dirt is a breeze with the Miele Boost. Thanks to the “click to open” button that opens the flap on the dustbin, allowing the contents to be emptied directly into a garbage can. In addition, the canister is extremely easy to take apart to clean and can be washed underwater in a sink.


Overall Quality

The Boost CX1 is assembled in Miele’s plant in Dongguan using OEM German-made Miele components and subscribes to the same quality tests as all other Miele canister vacuum cleaners. It is also tested for a life cycle of 20 years.
To ensure these durability standards, all Boost CX1 models have the following features:
Locking system for floorhead, suction tube, and handle, so attachments lock in place and not come apart.
Stainless steel telescopic tube. It adjusts to your height and makes it easy to reach ceilings and under beds and furniture.
Pull-resistant, kink-free, crush-proof suction hose
Non-marking wheels will protect your floors against marks and scratches.
Safety-release Park System, so you do not lean the hose and wand against walls and furniture.

What’s In The Box?

Miele Boost CX1 (Obsidian Black-Rose Gold) | Non-electric Hose and Handle | Telescopic Wand | SBD 365-3 Combination Floor Brush | STB305-3 Turbo Brush | 1X Pre-Motor Filter Already Installed | 1X Exhaust Filter Already Installed | 1X Standard Dusting Brush | 1X Standard Crevice Tool|1X Standard Upholstery Tool


This warranty covers all parts, components, and attachments included with this machine, as well as any labour charges if applicable.
This warranty covers the motor and the labour associated with the repair or replacement of the motor.
We are a Miele service and warranty center. When you purchase your new Miele vacuum from us, and a part needs to be changed under warranty, you can contact us, and we will ship you the part free of charge.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 42.5 × 24.5 × 23 cm


Brand Miele
Vacuum Style Canister
Vacuum Type Bagless
Suitable for Hard Floors Yes
Carpets/Rugs Low Pile (0"-0.25") Yes
Carpets/Rugs Medium Pile(0.25"-0.5") No
Carpets/Rugs High Pile(0.5"+) No
Pet Hair Moderate
Combination Floor Tool Yes
Dedicated Bare Floor Tool No
Dedicated Carpet Tool No
Air Driven Carpet Tool No
Motorized Carpet Tool No
Height Adjustable Motorized Carpet Tool No
Headlight on Carpet Tool No
Variable Suction Setting 4
Cord Length 21ft
Integrated Accessories Storage No
Cordless No
Weight 13 Lbs
Motor Power 1140w
Bagless Yes
Dust Bag Capacity 1 L
Automatic Cord Rewind No



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