Flexible Diamonds – Diaflex 3″



The Diaflex is a more economic alternative to the Rosex resin. Must be used wet. Performs best on softer surfaces like marble, terrazzo, and concrete. Comes complete with female Velcro backing. Available in:

  • 50-grit (2C00321)

  • 120-grit (2C00232)

  • 220-grit (2C00233)

  • 400-grit (2C00234)

  • 800-grit (2C00235)

  • 1800-grit (2C00236)

  • 3500-grit (2C00237)

  • 8500-grit (2C00238)

Additional information

Weight 0.141748 kg
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 3 cm


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