Centaur Falcon 2 Commercial Canister Vacuum



Product Information:

  • Falcons are the most robust vacuum cleaners we build.

  • May be used for wet or dry applications.

  • Liquid recovery capacity is 45 liter or 12 gal.

  • Dry & Wet filters are included, so is the 10 foot long hose.

  • The tool caddy basket is made of heavy steel to hold your cleaning tools.

  • The carriage is made of chrome plated steel tube which will last as long as the vacuum cleaner.

  • To hold the top down, we use 3 pcs double- lock steel latches.

  • The steel motor house is powder coated.

  • The container is 5/16″thick polyethylene.

Additional information

Weight 23.4 kg
Dimensions 81.28 × 68.58 × 114.3 cm


Motor: 1340 W
Water Lift: 108 in
Airflow: 105 cfm


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