Electrostatic Sprayer PRE-ES01 1L/covid19 killer



PRE-ES01 1L Hand held
Electrostatic Sprayer is designed to save time and
labour, while spraying less and covering more surfaces.
The PRE-ES01 provides a double charged electrostatic
charge to solutions, allowing 360° wrapping of
conductive surfaces with an effective and even
coverage on shadowed, vertical or undersides of
The 24V lithium Ion Battery allows for 1 hour of
continuous use. Interchangeable nozzles create particle
sizes of 30 or 60 Micron.
The integrated grounding design provides double the
electrostatic charge, with no grounding strip to grasp,
reducing static or shocking sensations.


1. ideal for disinfecting, sanitizing, and odour removal.

2. Uses less solution.

3. Touchless application.

4. Reduces cross-contarmination.

5. Cordless convenience allows for effortless movement room to room.

6. Easy to implement & cost effective.

7. Easy to operation just turn on the switch.

8. Effectively disinfects the air and surfaces by increasing effectiveness of droplets.

9. Long distance 4-6M with accuracy saving water and disinfectant material.

10. Adjust the flow switch and potion valve to achieve the desired results.




Warranty:6 months limited warranty

Battery:24V 7500mAh Lithium-lon

Motor Power:200W

Weight:9.92lbs. (4.5KGS)

Optimum Spray Distance:13 – 19.76t(4-6M)

The best distance is 3.28ft (1. 5M)

Tank Capacity:33.8 oz.(1L)

Run Time:1 hours

Charge Time:3.5 hours

Particle Size:25-40 micron

Flow Rate:2.23-3.75 oz./minute(66-111ml/minute)


1: Ordinary Models

2: Static Models
Equipment Care:

1. After use, turn the sprayer switch off.

2. Empty the solution from tank if you don’t use the sprayer any more.

3. If the tank is empty, add clean water to the tank and clean it.


1. Don PPE before use (mask, eye pro, gloves).

2. Clean the surface to be disinfected or sanitized of vile soils

3. To start using the Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer, make sure the battery is properly charged.

4. Fill the tank with the desired diluted chemical. The chemical should not be flammable or have a flash point. The Electrostatic Sprayer has a 1 L capacity.

5. Turn the switch on ,and adjust the variable speed switch .To the maximum the setting, the more solution is dispensed through larger particulates and the longer the dwell (contact) time.

6. Aim the Sprayer 1.5 Meter away from the hard, non-porous, inanimate surface you intend to disinfect or sanitize. This is the optimal spray range.

Package Included:

1 X Sprayer

1 X replacement Nozzle

1 X Charger

1 X Manual



Additional information

Weight 9.9 kg
Dimensions 50.82 × 40.62 × 26.62 cm


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