Electrolux SC380B Central Vacuum-(SAVE $120)

$599.99 $479.99

Product Description

Everyone loves a clean home, but you’d rather spend time doing the things you love. The system is designed to be powerful enough to get the job done the first time, is easy to use, and is built to last. With Electrolux, you’ll worry less about cleaning and spend more time doing the things you really enjoy. Clean air, built in. The Electrolux SC380B central vacuum system was designed with consumer insight in mind. The Electrolux Central Vacuum – with attention-attracting style, advanced technology, and health benefits provide a solution to every day problems. Made with metal with body construction guaranteed for life, the Electrolux Metal Line is strong and sturdy, yet still stylish.

This unit is ultra quiet – with patented sound insulation system designed to dampen motor vibrations, and integrated exhaust pipe with direct muffler connection to quiet the powerful suction motor – you’ll only know you vacuumed because of how clean your home is. The High Performance 650 Air Watt motor means you’ll never need more suction – With enough power to clean homes under 10,000 square feet. The Electrolux Central Vacuums come with Soft Start motors to lessen motor wear and help with longevity.

Covered for 10 Years by the Electrolux Peace of Mind Warranty.

Additional Information

Weight 13.6 kg
Dimensions 110.7 x 42.1 x 42.1 cm


Part Number: 000359
Construction: Metal
Airwatts: 650
Voltage: 120
Airflow: 121 cfm
Waterlift: 124 inches
Dirt Capacity: 15 L (4 gallons)
Filtration: Self-cleaning
Size: 42" x 11"
Sound level: 72.3 dBa


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