Duovac Simplici-T Central Vacuum FOR CONDOS/MADE IN CANADA



Compact: Small enough to fit in your condo or apartment, but powerful enough to be used in midsize homes. (110-120v model)

  • Quiet: The power unit is so quiet that you can use it anytime even if it is installed near you.

  • Easy to use: High efficiency filtration bag is easily accessible by removing the cover of the power unit

  • Model with filtration bag: Must be used with a Duovac disposable filtration bag at all times

  • High-end finish for long-term durability

  • Ease to clean with a damp cloth

  • Steel construction with baked enamel paint dissipates heat and extends the system’s durability

  • Quiet and powerful Ametek motor

  • Several high-end accessory kits available to meet all your needs

The simple efficiency of the DuoVac Simplici-T central vacuum cleaner starts at its design. Although compact so that the appliance can be used in apartments of small sizes too, it conceals a motor powerful enough to meet the demands of average-sized homes too. This power takes the form of 642 air watts, 133.7 cubic feet of airflow per minute and a water lift of 134 inches. The power is produced in very silent conditions so that the appliance can be used anytime and anywhere. The same compact design conceals a highly efficient filtration system too. The Simplici-T central vacuum cleaner is equipped with a disposable filtration bag also designed by DuoVac which not only poses no cleaning problems, but is also very easy to remove. All the user needs to do in order to remove the bag is to remove the cover of the central unit and they are almost done. As for the efficiency of the Allergen Free foam filter, it is designed to meet or even exceed the expectations of homeowners who suffer from different forms of allergy as well. In fact, this is a quality bar DuoVac have set for all their central vacuum cleaners, not just the Simplici-T model. As for the storage capacity of the canister available with this vacuum cleaner, it reaches 2.72 gallons (12 L).

*Note: Does not ship to U.S.

Additional information

Weight 12.3 kg
Dimensions 39.42 × 40.42 × 72.12 cm


Model #
Square Footage (Covers):
+/- 3,500 sq.ft.
Max Airwatts Suction Power:
Airflow (cfm) / Waterlift:
133.7 / 134
Max Amps:
Lifetime / 5 Year 100% labour
2.72 Gallons


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