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Glue-Off removes the most stubborn glue!

Use it on the following floors

  • marble floors

  • granite floors

  • concrete floors

  • ceramic tile

  • Glue-Off is highly concentrated;

  • Very simple to use;

There are times when an entrance carpet is glued to the marble or granite floor for the winter months. Then when the spring arrives and the carpet is removed, the glue also has to be removed. Centaur’s concentrated Glue-Off is ideal for the job.

Mop this Glue-Off onto the glue, leave it there for five minutes and scrape the glue off. Rinse it a couple of times and the job is done.

Of course this is not the only place you can use Glue-Off.

Anytime when a carpet is removed from concrete, just use Glue-Off which will soften the remaining glue sufficiently to enable it to scraped off the floor. When the Glue-Off is used undiluted it will remove one of the most stubborn adhesive which is the black asphalt type. The reason is so effective because it is a concentrated de-greaser.

Recommended dilution is 25 oz to a gallon (200 ml to a liter) of hot water.

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