Centaur Rabbit-3F Floor Machine Basic Package B




Additional information

Weight 37.35 kg
Dimensions 40.64 × 40.64 × 53.34 cm


Dual speed machine – brush/block speed of 200 or 300 rpm
Rectified 1-1/2hp DC 3200 rpm motor with 4 carbon brushes
Brush - wear indicator light on motor cover
Planetary gearbox with 3 steel idler gears
Equipped with detachable 50 foot, 14 AWG power cable
Twist-locks on cable for quick, easy and secure attachment
“Fantail” is an extra strain relief for cable protection
Indicator light on top of the handle alerts the operator to absence of electrical current
Safety switch or safety button prevents accidental start-up
Detachable handle/switchbox for easy transportation
Removable polyethylene splash guard will not mark floors
Total weight of machine with block is 90 lb.
The outstanding feature of the Rabbit-3 is it’s versatility and ability to be multi-functional
Detachable splash guard provides 2 sizes: model 20 and model 13 (Model 20 with splash guard ON and model 13 with splash guard OFF)
Time to remove splash guard is approximately 30 seconds


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