Centaur – 40lb Weight



Weights has been used for stripping floors, for at least 50 years. The weights in those days were rather different from the today’s weights. Often it was a child who was sitting on top of the machine while the father operated the floor machine. Other times instead of a child, they used a bag of sand. But this sandbag wasn’t heavy enough. So we went to the local “lead foundry” (yes many large city had a lead smelter poisoning the vicinity) to pick up some lead ingot. Back at the factory, we melted the ingot and poured it into the floor machines underside. For this operation the machine was turned upside down. Then with bolts, we secured this weight to the machine. Of course the 40 lb weight was there all the time whether you liked it or not. The machine was heavy and hard to handle in and out of the car but on the floor it was fantastic because it did the job faster than any unweight machines. This is how Hurley Corp. for whom we made these weighted machines for, progressed from a two-brother operation to a multimillion-dollar corporation. When you are stripping floor, we suggest using 2pcs of 40lb weights. You can do it, because the friction on the floor is low and the two weights will not trip the circuit breaker. To be sure, they will cut your stripping job down to half and will last as long as you live. The weights will cut down the stripping time regardless what chemical or floor pad you use. This is the most prudent way to save money.

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Weight 0.221748 kg
Dimensions 43 × 43 × 3 cm


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