Nilfisk BV 11/1 BackPack Vacuum



Light weight combined with high suction performance best describes our BV 11/1 back vacuum. This machine has all the features users prefer, such as a comfortable padded harness, low noise level, easy to reach on/off switch, heat transfer insulation along with right or left handed operation. The rugged molded polyethylene housing will easily endure all the knocks and bumps associated with commercial cleaning tasks. The large 10 quart capacity greatly extends working times. Competitively priced, the BV 11/1 will report to work with a full set of standard equipment tools.

Additional information

Weight 8.9 kg
Dimensions 67.81 × 29.97 × 34.29 cm


Power: 1300 W
Airflow: 112 cfm
Water Lift: 96 in
Noise Level: 67 dBA
Dust Capacity: 10 qt
Weight: 11 lbs


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