Nacecare Extractor AVB12QX



Product Information:

12 gallon tanks The unit features a 130 PSI diaphragm pump with bypass and a powerful 3 stage, 1.2 Hp vacuum motor that’s rust-resistant, ensuring a long working life while also providing 100″ of lift The variable flow rate, coupled with adjustable brush pressure, allow it to be used for both interim maintenance and restorative cleaning 3/4 HP traction drive system for ergonomic operation Easy-access removable spray bar with twist-off jets Spring-loaded, pivoting vacuum shoe gives you consistent pressure and pick-up, even on turns Notching improves airflow for reduced drying time Vacuum shoe has a quick release for fitting the optional hard floor squeegee All chemical is injected downstream of the pump so only water flows through the valves, solenoids and pump preventing chemicals from clogging the system.

Additional information

Weight 55.91 kg
Dimensions 93.59 × 57.60 × 102.61 cm


Solution Capacity: 12 Gal
Recovery Capacity: 12 Gal
Vacuum Motor: 850W / 1.14 HP
Battery: 3 x 12V (gel)
AH Rating: 100 AH
Waterlift: 100 in
Airflow: 95 cfm
Pump Type: Diaphragm
Pump Power: 100 W
Pump Pressure: 130 psi
Pump Flow: 1.2 GPM
Traction Motor: 0.75 HP
Brush Motor: 250 W
Cleaning Width: 18.25 in
Brush Speed: 840 RPM
Noise Level: 60 dBA
Weight: 365 lbs
Dimensions (LWH): 35.03in x 19.68in x 46.85in


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