Nilfisk Floor Machine And Burnisher – Advolution 2710 w/Shelf Charger


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The Advolution 2710 battery-powered rider burnisher from Advance is designed around a front steering system – accepted industry-wide as being the easiest to control and maneuver. A unique One-Touch control pad simplifies operator training and equipment operation. The Advolution 2710 rider burnisher does the rest by automatically monitoring and controlling optimum pad pressure for a consistent, superior gloss every time. A mid-mounted 27 inch burnishing head allows users to easily access the pad retainer. The Advolution 2710 rider burnisher increases operator productivity with its ride-on capability and extended battery run-time. The burnishing pad operates at a speed of 1,600 rpms and utilizes three different pressure settings. On average, battery run-time on this rider burnisher allows the operator to burnish over 30,000 square feet (9,144 meters) per hour.

Maximum tested productivity is even higher, with results exceeding 135,000 (41,148 meters) square feet on a single battery charge. The Advolution 2710 is perfect for daytime burnishing. It operates at 69 dB A, which is the volume level of standard conversation. Battery operation is the clean and quiet alternative to using a propane burnisher. Operators of the Advolution 2710 rider burnisher can expect uncompromised safety. Open sight lines in front of the machine create a safe and comfortable ride for the operator. Automatic safeguards eliminate unmanned start-ups, which can lead to damaged floor finish. A safety switch prevents accidental pad start-up in the tilt-up position. Passive dust control is standard on the Advolution 2710 rider burnisher, which reduces the need for dust mopping. An active dust control kit is available as an option for environments that require a higher degree of filtration.

Additional information

Weight 543.15 kg
Dimensions 173.99 × 88.9 × 144.78 cm


Brush Motor 3.25 HP
Power Six 6 V DC / 420 Ah batteries
Brush Size 27 in
Pad Pressure Variable between 3 settings; 50-75 lb
Brush RPM 1500 (under load)
Drive System 1 hp, 700 W permanent magnet motor
Speed 0-4.5 mph (0-7.2 km/hr) transport; 0-3.5 mph (0-5.6 km/hr) burnishing
Noise Level 69 dBA
Dimensions (LHW) 65.5 in x 54 in x 32 in
Weight 1204 lbs (with Batteries)


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