Nilfisk – Adgility 10XP BACKPACK VACUUM


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Lightweight Adgility™ XP backpack vacuums deliver comfort, quiet, performance and affordability for multi-surface cleaning in offices, classrooms and other facilities with hard and soft flooring and tight spaces. The ergonomic Adgility XP’s premium cushioned harness distributes weight more evenly and higher on the back, resulting in reduced fatigue and better productivity. Due to superb balance, the Adgility XP moves with the operator when bending or twisting and feels significantly lighter and more nimble. Both the Adgility 10XP are packed with power, are quiet enough to use any time of day without fear of disturbing building occupants. The quiet 1,300-watt motor moves 144 cubic feet of air per minute, to out-clean its noisier competitors.

Adgility XP comes standard with four levels of filtration. An optional H.E.P.A. filter removes 99.97% of dust particulates down to 0.3 microns. Unlike other backpack vacuums, the filtered air discharge for the Adgility XP is directed back and away from the operator, eliminating a constant blast of warm air on the lower extremities that can contribute to operator fatigue and discomfort. This design also allows the Adgility XP to continue operating if the machine is placed on the floor or another surface.

The suitable Kit could be included :

  • Exhaust blows up and away from the operator to prevent discomfort and fatigue

  • Accessory loops keep tools handy while operating

  • Guaranteed backplate for the life of the vacuum

  • Full dust bag can be sealed before removal to contain all dirt

  • Hose securely attaches and rotates in cover

  • Premium harnessing system assures operator comfort and productivity

  • On corded models, cord restraint clips onto the safety cord and holds it in place

Additional information

Weight 10.8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 88 cm


Power : 10 amps
Airflow : 144 cfm
Water Lift : 99 in
Noise Level : 62 dBA
Filtration : 4 Level (HEPA Optional)
Dust Capacity : 10 qts
Cord Length : 50 ft
Weight : 10.8 lbs (excluding cord)


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