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Steam-cleaning combines the best of both worlds:  The antimicrobial cleaning of carpet shampoos, with the strong suction of a vacuum cleaner, to create a great deep carpet cleaning.

Advantages of Steam Cleaners

When you buy steam cleaners in Canada from AAA Vacuum, you’re getting an easy-to-use device that can quickly clean every carpet in a home or office.  Boiling-hot steam eradicates most bacteria and other germs, while also loosening the bonds between dirt and carpet fibers.  This two-in-one action quickly restores a carpet to pristine condition.

Better yet, all it takes is plain water.  No chemicals or shampoos are needed!

Plus, when you use a steam cleaner to cleanse your carpet, there’s almost no time to wait until it’s dry.  The steam is so hot that it evaporates within only thirty seconds or so, meaning the carpet is ready for use as soon as the steam-cleaning is done.  This makes it pet- and child-safe as well, as long as they stay away from the steaming head.

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AAA Vacuum carries some of the top steam cleaners in Canada, along with parts and accessories needed to keep them running well.  With more than forty years serving Toronto, we’re go-to specialists for homes and businesses alike when looking for the best in cleaning products. Shop our extensive online selection, or stop by our 3,5000 square foot store in Toronto.

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